Garden Terrace Studio decorative art classes

Have you ever wondered if you have a hidden talent? Is art something you have always wanted to try, but didn’t know how?

Well let me invite you to my Decorative Art Classes where anything is possible and there is no right or wrong ~ just fun, creativity and beautiful works of art that may surprise you.

You’ll learn in a local, peaceful terraced garden studio setting, by an Accredited teacher :~

  1. Brush strokes and background preparation using Acrylic, water based paints and mediums.
  2. Different styles and history e.g. Decorative Art ~ Birds, scenes, Australian natives, floral, Tromp L’oeil, Victorian, Toile’, Teddy Bears, animals, the list is endless. Also Fine Arts ~ lace work, characters, roses, miniatures, even abstract and Traditional European Folk Art.
  3. Beginners to Advanced classes are available in a course form or just paint anything you desire ~ the choice is yours.
  4. All classes are small (max 6) and 1 on 1 with written step by step instructions is also part of each session.

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