Cathy Robson

Cathy Robson ~ Decorative Artist & Teacher

Accredited with the Folk & Decorative Artists’ Association of Australia (FDAA) Accreditation No. 55.

Kincumber NSW

Phone :~ 02 43096878 of 0402 145 219


I have been painting this wonderful form of art since 1992 and after encouragement from my teacher, friends and family I completed my Accreditation in 2001. For over 15 years, I have held classes each week in my home studio. Age is not a barrier as my clients have been all ages, even an 80 year old. I have found during this time that patience, understanding, love for all ages and walks of life, brings fun and fulfillment into my classes. Each student I have taught has been amazed at their own hidden talent and ability to create wonderful works of art. Please contact me for more information on classes and orders you would like me to paint for you.

Garden Terrace Studio decorative art

Decorative Art

Learn and appreciate this beautiful and unique art form that includes everything from fine art; traditional art; floral art; landscape and miniature portraiture.

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Garden Terrace Studio High Tea

High Tea

Garden Terrace Studio offers a beautiful service rich in history for both art and High Tea dating back to the 17th Century tradition of ‘taking tea.’

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Garden Terrace Studio Beauty All Around book

Beauty All Around

Also available is the award winning and newly released book “BEAUTY ALL AROUND”
by Catherine Grace.

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